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We Understand Your Entertainment and Staffing Needs

At ShipShore we take a total approach to entertainment.  We take care of the production, the performers, and the training, doing everything in house, so all you have to do is enjoy how fabulously your guests are entertained.  We can create custom, flexible productions specifically for your needs, enhancing your existing program.  We apply our expertise, you get the flexibility, variety and high ratings you need.
We understand your challenges.  Our casts are cross-trained, and have cabaret shows for your other venues.  Our entertainers can serve as both cast and cruise staff.  They promote revenue areas, host activities, interact with guests, accompany tours, perform gangway duties, etc.  They even bring activities with them! Our performers are enthusiastic team players, well-prepared for life on board, trained by individuals that have lived the business for years.  Other than your entertainment director, you may not even need extra cruise staff.
We have special expertise in international guest mixes and creating satisfying shows for the most challenging of guests.  We get it!
With ShipShore handling your entertainment, your guests are thrilled, and so are you.

Key Features of the ShipShore Productions solution

  • Entertainers are also trained as cruise staff
  • Producers are experienced in the cruise ship industry
  • Show performers also have cabarets and activities

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