Budgets and guest satisfaction are two of the most important concerns for today’s entertainment directors.

Every crew member has to pull their weight and be a team player.

It starts with selecting the very best candidates. Our recruits are carefully chosen and counseled on what to expect of ship life, taught by people who have actually lived it. And they are also trained in the skills needed to exceed your expectations.  Your new crew members are well prepared, enthusiastic and ready to start as soon as they board!

Our training doesn’t stop with your entertainment department.  Guest contact personnel benefit greatly from many of the same trainings, as do your ratings and revenue!

Required Training – Cruise Line Specific

  • Safety
  • Boat Drill and Emergency Duties
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Disciplinary Procedures, Warnings, Dismissals, etc.
  • Ship’s Hierarchy

Areas of responsibility
Respective reports

(these topics can all be taught to your individual specifications and requirements)

Life on Board

  • Cabins and Cabin Etiquette
  • Hygiene
  • Manners in an International Environment
  • Dining
  • Guest area Privileges and Responsibilities
  • Crew Welfare

What is Expected

  • Duties and How to Perform Them
  • Appearance
  • Socializing

The Fine Art of Small Talk
Picking Up on Clues
Nationalities are Different
Hosting Tables
Manners First

  • Flexibility is Important
  • Being a Team Player
  • Guest Area Etiquette

Revenue Cross Promotion

  • How to Boost Revenue AND Please Guests
  • Tips, Tricks and Activities


  • How to Host a Great Event/Activity
  • Mic Skills
  • Reading an Audience
  • Connecting in 30 Seconds or Less
  • Activities

(many and varied, including interactive production numbers for theme parties)


Our team members know how to really get the party started! We create fun filled events that make your guests part of the action.

Designed to promote revenue while driving ratings, these productions deliver!


A fun, entertaining example of our interactive performance experiences.

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